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Episode 14: Refuge


The California Rice Podcast

Rice is a staple food for the world. Billions of people eat it several times a day. It’s part of the culture of many countries. However, many people are unaware of the valuable role California plays in rice production. Join host Jim Morris to learn the largely-untold stories that make California rice prominent around the world, from producing virtually all of America’s sushi rice to providing habitat for millions of birds. Ingrained, the California Rice Podcast, will provide in-depth coverage of the people and subjects that make this industry so uniquely valuable.


Episode 14: Refuge

Like clockwork every fall and winter, Sacramento Valley rice country welcomes millions of visitors. They’re here for several months, to rest and refuel, before continuing on their epic annual journey. The millions of visitors are ...

Episode 13: Harvesting Rice with Kim Gallagher

Before your sushi roll or rice bowl, there’s a team effort to grow, harvest, mill and ship the fundamental ingredient – California rice. Fall is a busy time in the Sacramento Valley, with GPS-guided harvesters ...

S1 E12: Bartell’s Backroads

California has long been a place with great scenery, diversity and creativity. Even with a challenging 2020, there are great places and interesting people hard at work. John Bartell, a reporter for ABC 10-TV in ...

S1 E11: Giants in the Rice Fields

Head north of Sacramento along any of the major freeways, you’ve likely seen the lush green rice fields with ubiquitous wildlife such as herons, hawks and egrets. What may surprise you is just how diverse ...

S1 E10: Avocets, Ibis and Stilts, Oh My!

The lush green color you see in the Sacramento Valley during summer is from a half-million acres of young rice fields. Those fields are not only beautiful to see, their ecosystem is impressive in its ...

S1 E9: Raining Rice in the Sacramento Valley

It’s an annual occurrence throughout the Sacramento Valley; something countless motorists have seen while heading north of Sacramento – skilled pilots flying high-speed, GPS-guided airplanes, planting rice over a half-million acres of fields. Rick Richter ...
Preparing a tractor to work the fields

S1 E8: Essential Work in Rice Country

Tractors are working ground, airplanes are flying and mills are in full production, marking another busy spring in Sacramento Valley rice country. There are marked differences this year compared to recent history, starting with the ...
Young salmon are released into the Sacramento River

S1 E7: Ocean Bound

In less than a minute, a large group of young salmon were released into the Sacramento River, en route to the Pacific Ocean. These were no ordinary fish. Equipped with small transmitters, these baby salmon ...
Using a net to collect salmon in flooded rice field

S1 E6: Helping Salmon

Rice fields in the Sacramento Valley are remarkably productive and versatile. From spring into fall, they produce virtually all of America’s sushi rice. In the fall and winter, those same fields are home to millions ...
Gustavo Mendieta

S1 E5: Hard Work, Done Right

California rice has been grown for more than a century, and is known worldwide for consistently high quality and steady production. A lot of factors contribute to that reputation, including many people working hard behind ...
Virginia Getz and René Reyes

S1 E4: Ducks Love Rice

They are one of the world’s iconic birds. They quack and waddle on land, which is a sharp contrast to their grace in the water and air.  The Sacramento Valley is home to millions of ...
Kristin Sesser

S1 E3: Life is a Flyway

If you think your nearest highway packs a lot of traffic, it probably doesn’t hold a candle to the air traffic in the Sacramento Valley each fall and winter. This is the time of year ...
Sandy Denn

S1 E2: Snow Goose Farms

Fall in the Sacramento Valley means the rice harvest and the return of welcome guests from far away. Millions of birds are now arriving in rice fields and wildlife refuges, as part of their epic ...
sushi and harvester

S1 E1: The Starting Point of Your Sushi Roll

It’s harvest time in the rice fields of the Sacramento Valley, where virtually all of America’s sushi rice is grown. Join us as we go on a harvester ride with grower Brian McKenzie in Sutter ...
Radio hosts Armstrong and Getty

Season 1 Pilot: Armstrong & Getty

Our first-ever episode includes a discussion with radio hosts Jack Armstrong & Joe Getty.  Topics include the vital role of California rice for our economy and environment, as well as how rice farming largely flies ...
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