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Sharing the untold stories of California rice

Ingrained is produced and sponsored by The California Rice Commission

Hosted by Jim Morris




S1 E1 | The Starting Point of Your Sushi Roll


The California Rice Podcast

Rice is a staple food for the world. Billions of people eat it several times a day. It’s part of the culture of many countries. However, many people are unaware of the valuable role California plays in rice production. Join host Jim Morris to learn the largely-untold stories that make California rice prominent around the world, from producing virtually all of America’s sushi rice to providing habitat for millions of birds. Ingrained, the California Rice Podcast, will provide in-depth coverage of the people and subjects that make this industry so uniquely valuable.


S1 E1: The Starting Point of Your Sushi Roll

It’s harvest time in the rice fields of the Sacramento Valley, where virtually all of America’s sushi rice is grown. Join us as we go on a harvester ride with grower Brian McKenzie in Sutter County, to find out just how much of a hi-tech experience rice farming has become.  We also visit with Taro …

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Season 1 Pilot: Armstrong & Getty

Our first-ever episode includes a discussion with radio hosts Jack Armstrong & Joe Getty. Topics include the vital role of California rice for our economy and environment, as well as how rice farming largely flies under the radar in terms of public understanding.
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