Growing America’s sushi rice and providing vital environmental benefits are two of the hallmark characteristics of California’s rice industry. Rice is grown on about 500,000-acres a year, with more than ninety-five percent of the production centered in the Sacramento Valley. There are about 2,500 family rice farmers in our state, many with generations tied to the land. California rice production averages between four and five billion pounds a year, with an overall economic impact of more than five billion dollars and 25,000 jobs.

California is world-famous for growing medium and short grain ‘sticky’ rice, which is ideal for sushi, risotto, paella, rice bowls and much more.

The shallow amount of water used to grow rice has twice the benefits – a staple food and habitat for millions of birds. Rice fields act as ‘surrogate wetlands,’ providing food and a resting place for nearly 230 wildlife species, including ducks, geese, Bald Eagles, giant garter snakes and more than a dozen types of raptors.

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Jim Morris

Host Jim Morris
Communications Manager | California Rice Commission

Handling communications for the California Rice Commission (CRC) since 2007, Jim Morris is proud to serve California’s 2,500 family rice farmers and handlers. Jim manages the CRC’s public education campaigns, which utilize social media and other vehicles to inform key audiences including legislators, decision-makers and opinion leaders about the important role California rice plays in the state’s environment, economy and cuisine.

The CRC’s social media outreach includes a series of pages providing information on the Sacramento Valley as a whole. Prior to the CRC, Jim worked in communications for more than 17 years at the California Farm Bureau Federation, including nearly a decade as a reporter and host of the popular syndicated television show, “California Country.” Jim is married with two children. His passions include his faith, family, football, running marathons, photography, and reading.